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Our Commercial Service

Regular servicing is an absolute must when it comes to your coffee machine. The accumulation of calcium and coffee affects the quality of your machine and in turn the taste of your coffee. A service will most definitely extend the life of your machine’s components as calcium can be detrimental to the internals of even the best of machines. A service every six months will ensure your coffee machine is working at its optimum performance.

Every machine is different so call ECE now for a no obligation quote. We are only too happy to keep the competition honest.

Melbourne coffee machine services.

Our Commercial Repair

When your coffee machine no longer performs like it should, be sure to call ECE for a fast response. With our parts inventory, we can get your machine working in no time. Our ‘No Fix No Charge’ policy (Parts not included) is a favourite amongst machine owners making ECE the first point of call in a coffee emergency.

ECE usually have a spare machine on hand that can be used in special circumstances where your machine requires special attention.

Call ECE’s 24/7 Emergency Unit when you need a reliable and cost effective response.

Melbourne coffee machine repairs.

Our Commercial Installation

Installation is the birth of your new coffee product and every machine is different. Our trained professionals can ensure your machine is installed with the correct settings for your grinder and machine set to meet the needs of your beans.

Installation settings and setup is grossly underrated and can make the difference between coffee and great coffee.

Call ECE now for a no obligation quote.

Melbourne coffee machine installations

Domestic Coffee Machines

ECE’s Domestic coffee machines cater for the more eloquent taste buds and as such our high-end machines have the option to come with full training and delivery ensuring you get the most out of your home or office coffee machine experience. For a full a range of our domestic coffee machines call or email us and we will be happy to walk you through making the right decision.
Our experienced staff and inventory also ensures that we can service and repair existing machines at a low cost with speedy friendly service.


Grinders are a critical and easily overlooked piece of equipment. As grinders age they require adjustments and care to ensure the coffee grind is optimal to suit your machine. ECE’s trained staff can reset the grind and train yourself or your employees to further monitor and adjust accordingly.
We service, repair and install all commercial and domestic grinders so call us so we can instil confidence that we will ‘get you through the grind’.

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